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Consultant Urology Surgeon in Kolkata

Dr. Sen has achieved a long standing illustrious career as one of the best urological surgeons in some of the renowned hospitals in Kolkata. His Services are multi-varied which include  Renal ( Kidney ) Stones Treatment, Minimally Invasive Urology,  Ureteroscopy ,Prostate Laser Surgery,  Transurethral Resection of The Prostate (TURP) to name a few.

His name is taken alongside the best consultant urology surgeons in south Kolkata. Dr. Binayak Sen is a visiting surgeon in Woodlands Hospital, Peerless Hospital, R.G Stone Urology and laparoscopy hospital (one of the best urology hospitals in Kolkata area) and Ruby General Hospital in  Kolkata, West Bengal.. He is in this field since the past 20 years. He is also a professor urology in Ramakrishna Seva Pratisthan and VIMS.

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Working Area

He is a visiting surgeon in many of the leading hospitals in the city of joy Kolkata including the following

  • RG Stone Urology & Laparoscopy Hospital , Dhakuria,Kolkata
  • Woodlands Hospital, Kolkata
  • Ruby General Hospital, EM Bypass ,Kolkata
  • Peerless Hospital,Kolkata

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Percutaneous nephrolithotomy by Dr Binayak Sen

Percutaneous nephrolithotomy (nef-roe-lih-THOT-uh-me) is a procedure used to remove kidney stones from the body when they can't pass on their own. A scope is inserted through a small incision in your back to remove the kidney stones.

Percutaneous nephrolithotomy is used most often for larger stones or when other procedures, such as extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy or uteroscopy, are unsuccessful or not possible.

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what our patients are saying about us

Anuradha Mukherjee
Anuradha Mukherjee
Dr. Sen is a very knowledgeable doctor but a human with full of humanity.He is always available on every phone call and watsapp as well. Being a professional doctor still he serves the people from heart. My gratitude towards you sir🙏🏻
rashmi popat
rashmi popat
Had a consultation with Dr.Binayak Sen for Urological issues. Doctor suggested a cystoscopy at Woodlands hospital. Would like to say it was a very smooth process and Dr. Sen was very helpful and reassuring. He is a very experienced senior doctor and I would highly recommend to go to him for any Urological issues.
Debasish Majumder
Debasish Majumder
Dr sen one of the leading urosergeon in India. He is very professional, transparent, candid and friendly.
Subhankar Bar
Subhankar Bar
Very experienced and friendly. He is very helpful.
Dipanjan Sinha
Dipanjan Sinha
Anyone looking for a urologist should give Dr. Binayak Sen my highest recommendation. He is one of the leading Urology Surgeon in the country.  Dr. Sen is a excellent medical professional who goes above and beyond to give his patients the finest care possible. He is a real professional in every sense of the word. He is very transparent and candid, and before the surgery, he gave us the greatest explanation he could of the procedure's specifics. I wish him all the best.
Aglio E Olio
Aglio E Olio
During my mother's kidney stone operation, we moved from Peerless Hospital to Ramakrishna mission Hospital under him. Now, I told him that my mother was under his care in Peerless hospital and we moved due to financial constraints and wanted to continue under him in Ramakrishna mission, where he is a regular doctor. He was visibly angry with the money he couldn't get from us. He said "You have saved enough by not having mediclaim, now it's your turn to spend. If you don't spend, you will not get treatment." And for the entirety of my mother's stay and operation, he was not even present. Operation was done by a junior doctor. Peerless hospital is otherwise a good hospital with some very good doctors like Dr. Ashokananda Konar. The names of Ramakrishna mission, Peerless Hospital and FRCS degree is wasted on him. Well, they say, Degree doesn't make a man. True. There are enough good urologists in Kolkata. Dr. Prabir Basu , Dr. Amit Ghose, Dr. Amitabha Mukherjee all are better. Please opt for them or any good doctor known by you.
Shantanu Biswas
Shantanu Biswas
This renowned Urosurgeon has done radical nephrectomy of my father successfully. My father is 79 and has cardiological and gastroenterological issues with major and fatal tumour in kidney. The surgeon sir operated upon the kidney considering all risks and had done what was needed. His post operative care to the patient was exemplary. My heartfelt respect to one of the best Urosurgeons in the country today. My gratitude towards you, Sir🙏
Amita Roy
Amita Roy
Nice experience.Dr. binayak sen is a perfect gentle man with highly skilled expertise. On 24.12.22 he performed prostrate operation successfully for my husband
Samita Sarker
Samita Sarker
We came in touch with Dr Sen for the removal of kidney stones of my husband Prithwiraj. From the very beginning we found him to be extremely approachable friendly transparent and forthcoming. He explained the whole process of the upcoming procedure to us in detail which instilled confidence in us. He was always reachable on phone whenever we needed him which was again a big confidence booster. All of the above mentioned were additional bonus for us over and above the fact that he's an excellent urologist and surgeon. Thank you Dr Sen we are grateful to you.

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